Sunday, August 30, 2009

Children's Book Week Recommendations: A Wrap Up

Here are the five books I recommended over the last week:

Juggling with Mandarins by V.M. Jones
Mahtab's Story by Libby Gleeson
Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer
CHERUB series by Robert Muchamore
Mail Order Ninja by Joshua Elder

I'm also going to add a special teachers book which arrived from on Friday and I devoured yesterday. The Reading Zone: How to Help Kids Become Skilled, Passionate, Habitual, Critical Readers by Nancie Atwell was a short, easy read which let me know what elements of Reader's Workshop I was getting right and where I might be able to make improvements. It also includes notes to the children and to the parents which would be invaluable in setting up Reader's Workshop next year.

Even before I read this book, I was intending to review Reader's Workshop with the children tomorrow. I think this book will be invaluable in providing alternative ways of 'doing stuff'.



  1. I'll look out for your titles. The Ninja one particularly sounds interesting. Do you know Sandy Fussell's Samurai Kids books? Great books for both boys and girls, I think.

  2. Mail Order Ninja is a really funny read - I did need to order it from the US though - I think I'm going to have to find a closer supplier :)

    I've heard about the Samurai Kids series and I've been looking out for them, but no luck yet. One of my students has just finished Polar Boy, so I'm going to ask him to book talk that to the students.