Saturday, August 29, 2009

Children's Book Week: Day Five: Mail Order Ninja

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So, Book Week has wrapped up at our school, although my class doesn't do our craft activity until Monday. And that brings me to the fifth book of the week, which is actually a graphic novel. This book isn't an assigned reading, nor is it a book I'm reading to the students. Rather it's one that's being passed around and adored as soon as it's read.

Mail Order Ninja by Joshua Elder is one of my growing collection of graphic novels. It tells the story of Timmy, the graphic novel (not comics) obsessed boy who detests bullies, 'trust-fund queens' and his bratty sister. When he finds an advertisement for a Mail Order Ninja, he has to get it. The ninja then helps him clean out the bad elements of the school.

The first one has been in my class for a couple of months now, and I just received the second one from What I love about this series is the way it's drawn, there's an awful lot of information for the students to gain from it and it's a very smart book. There's also a lot of sly humour that adults would appreciate.

I highly recommend this graphic novel, especially if you're putting together a collection for a classroom.


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  1. Josh Elder, author of Mail Order Ninja here. My Google News Alert informed me about your post. It's very cool to see that kids around the world are enjoying Mail Order Ninja (and graphic novels in general).

    Aside from being a cartoonist, I also run a non-profit called Reading With Pictures dedicated to promoting and studying the use of comics in the classroom. I'd love to talk with you about your experiences if you have the time.

    You can contact me via my gmail account at


    Josh Elder